Ms. Maddy's Tie Dye

One of a kind, hand made, tie dye clothing by Peace Maddy in Novato, California

Every piece of clothing I make starts as a blank canvas. My clothing is not mass produced. I select the finest materials, dye and create every piece by hand. No two are the same. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do creating it.
— Maddy

The Idea

After working for others for years and years, I decided to make it on my own. I have been crafty my entire life and what started as a request for my son's wedding turned into a full time venture. I have been making tie dye art for sometime now and starting to reach a broader audience. 

I enjoy working with you on helping to deliver you the finest pieces of tie dye art clothing. You will never find another tie dye like mine. 

Style & Quality

I use the highest quality of clothing from American Apparel and more. My dyes are eco friendly and we waste nothing. 

You won't find the traditional, mass produced designs here. Each article of clothing is made my hand and designed to be unique. 

100% Handmade

Need I say more. 

Home and hand made. We take great pride in being a local, sustainable, home made company.